Fraizzoli is the historic Milanese tailoring brand specialised in workwear: uniforms, clothes, garments for every profession. Fraizzoli workwear stands out for its style, functionality and quality. With its tailor-made approach, it represents the unique Italian elegance, the balance between tradition and innovation in the professional environment. Fraizzoli values work. Wearing Fraizzoli workwear generates feelings of belonging, dignity, common effort in the pursuit of quality. This is perceived by the professionals who wears it, as much as by the audience around them.


Italian elegance, tailoring. Expertise in tailor-made, garments which fit perfectly. Designs by expert hands, collections inspired by contemporary stylistic development and by different personal needs. Fraizzoli perfectly knows the requirements of professionals, whom it has been dressing for almost one hundred years. This is why all Fraizzoli garments are far more than "good-looking", as they meet the practical needs of any profession.


Fraizzoli stands out for the use of first quality materials, traditional and authentic fabrics, scrupulously checked and handled: always accurate cutting, packaging and testing, with the use of CAD-CAM technologies, enable supplies characterised by high and constant quality.
Details and continuous innovation make Fraizzoli a modern artisan, capable of combining tailoring and productive processes with an important added value of servicing.



Fraizzoli manufacturing was founded on August 1st1923 with the company name"Italian Factory of Civil Uniforms" by Cav. Leonardo Fraizzoli. A name totally new and surprising at the time: it was the first company specialised in workwear and uniforms meant for civil use, while military uniforms were exclusively tailored by the ‘Master Tailors’ of the regime. A factory: an industrial organisation for the tailoring of garments, anticipating the time of specialisation and packaging industry, which was to arise after decades. Fraizzoli was the first private company which coordinated a production via special imported machineries, with electric cutters besides sewing, eyelets and ironing machines which remain the basis of actual manufacturing in packaging firms. Fraizzoli, aware of the importance of communication and above all of the necessity of offering a wide and customisable assortment, also created the first special albums of samples, suitable for different uses and responding to the changeable needs of fashion and personnel.
Innovation inside tradition: since 1923 the fundamental value of Fraizzoli identity.

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